* Extra for Gel polish

Basic Pedicure

Nail trim, shape, cuticle groom, callus treatment, lotion massage, hot towel wrap and polish of your choice.

Signature Pedicure

Includes the Basic Pedicure plus a hot stone massage with oil, and polish of your choice.

Deluxe Pedicure

Include the Basic Pedicure plus a sugar scrub exfoliation, cooling masque, lotion massage, hot towel wrap and polish.

Organic Milk & Honey Spa Pedicure

An organic honey sugar scrub, butter cream massage & milky mask wrap provide a deep hydration and restore youthful appearance.

Pedi in A Box Pedicure

Individual package of Sea Soak Soak, Sugar Scrub, Message Cream and Mud Masque. The products is rich in antioxidants and essential ingredients. It helps in restoring aging feet and skin.

Pearl Spa / Green Tea Honey Spa Pedicure

This pedicure is designed to gently pamper your sensitive skin with the natural-based ingredients. Pearl Spa naturally moistures your skin, reduces pores, and protects your skin from UV rays and free radicals. The antioxidants in green tea and honey provide deep moisture while protecting your skin from toxins and pollutants. This spa pedicure results in amazing healing for beautiful skin.

Jelly Spa Pedicure

A fun spa experience with a jelly bath soak, organic sugar scrub, massage cream, paraffin wax treatment improving the skin’s firmness, moisture and infusing deep moisture for dry skin.

All-in-One Pedicure

The Deluxe Pedicure + paraffin treatment + hot stone and oil massage.

La Bella Signature Pedicure

Performing with all organic products (scrub, cream, masque), deep moisturizing with paraffin, hot stone, candle oil massage and hot towel wrap.

Collagen Pamper Pedicure

Our collagen pedicure is formulated with a natural based ingredients boosting a formation of collagen, brightening uneven skin tone and restores nutrients for glowing soft skin. Collagen crystal bath, collagen sugar scrub, fresh orange detox, collagen lotion massage, and collagen cream mask. Finish with paraffin wax treatment and hot stone massage.

Golden OIL Detox Pedicure

Our ultimate luxury spa pedicure is designed to replenish, revitalize, hydrate your skin and eases sore muscles with OIL detox bath boom, OIL exfoliating sugar scrub, OIL collagen massage cream and paraffin wax treatment. Our selected premium OIL stimulates to relive inflammation, minor aches and pains, featuring deep tissue hot stone massage will deliver a delightful cooling and warming sensation to your skin. This pedicure is finished with the rejuvenating 24k gold leaf foot mask wrap deeply nourishing your skin.


Basic Manicure

Nails trim, file and shape. Cuticle treatment. Mini lotion massage. Polished of your choice.

Deluxe Manicure

Includes Basic Manicure plus sugar scrub exfoliation, mini lotion massage, hot towel wrap. Polished of your choice.

Organic Milk & Honey Manicure 

Includes organic products: sugar scrub, cream, mask to renew and tighten skin for deep hydration and anti-aging benefits. Choice of product: Green Tea Lemongrass, Lavender, Milk & Honey

All in One Manicure

Includes an Organic Manicure plus paraffin/collagen hand gloves.

Gel/ Shellac Manicure

Nail trim, shape, cuticle treatment, mini hand and shoulder massage. Gel polish of your choice.

Gel Polish Change W/o removal With Removal

(Removal not included)

Additional Services

Paraffin treatment (To any service)

Collagen Glove (To any service)

French (White Tips) / American (with service)

Polish Change on Hands

Polish Change on Feet 

Nail Repair

Gel Polish Removal (Without service) 

Nails Enhancements


Full Set Solar w/regular polish | w/ gel polish

Full Set with White Tips

New Set Pink & White

Full Set Color Powder Overlay

Full Set Color with Tips

Full Set Ombre

Refill Color Powder Same Color

Refill with Gel Polish

Refill Pink

Refill Pink & White


Full Set SNS Color

Full Set SNS Pink and White 

Gel-X Nail Extension

Add On Services

Powder Fixing

Extra Shape

Take off Acrylic / SNS


Kids Menu (Under 11 years old)

Mini Manicure

Mini Pedicure

Mini Polish

Waxing & Tinting





Side Burn

Full Face

Under Arms

Chin & Neck

Chest Or Back

Half Arms

Full Arms



Full Legs

Half Legs (Upper/Lower)

Brown & Lashes Tint

Eyelash Extension

Classic Set / (Refill) 

Hyobbrid  / (Refill)

Volume  / (Refill) 

Wispy Volume / (Refill) 

Mega Volume / (Refill)

Complimentary Drinks

( Spocial drinks may be altered occasionally )

• Wines

• Mixed Drinks

• Diet sodas

• Juice for Kids

• Coke, Dr Peper, Sprite

• Water Bottle